Hudson Neville Sabiston

Meet my absolutely adorable blue eyed boy, Hudson! I may be biased, but I’m pretty darn obsessed with him. He was born February 21st 2019 at 12:30am, 5lbs 15oz. I just love him to bits!

Cailin, Trevor and Hudson

I had my first baby in February of 2019 after struggling with infertility, and I’m so beyond thankful and happy to be a mom! Being a photographer I of course had to take some portraits of my little family (I used a tripod and my phone as a remote shutter release). Be prepared for lots of pictures of my adorable little man, Hudson Neville.

Jordan and Vivian

I had been wanting to try night portraits for a while, so when the CNE rolled around I thought it was the perfect opportunity to drag my brother and his girlfriend along! I’m super happy with the photos - I took them all without a prism and added the effect in post. I’m obsessed with the dreamy carnival light bokeh! 

Kylie and John

My beautiful cousin and her husband took some photos with me and I absolutely love them. It’s an extremely difficult time in their lives right now, but being able to capture a moment of happiness is why I love doing what I do. They are each others rock, and I truly admire their relationship.

Sante, Kaila and Gio

I had my first newborn shoot today with baby Gio and his amazing parents Kaila and Sante! He was such a sweet little man and cooperated so well with the Harry Potter theme (he even pulled a Mandrake face at one point, but we’ll leave that for the embarrassing baby photo album). I love having the opportunity to photograph friends and family because it’s such a relaxing way to capture sweet, quiet moments like these. Thanks for spending the afternoon with me, DiCecco’s! 

Kerry and Eric

Kerry and Eric were my first official engagement photoshoot! It was a great learning experience for me because I didn’t know how much direction to give or what to let them take the lead on - a lot more goes into these shoots than just snapping photos! It was an absolute pleasure to take these pictures for them, they’re so easy going and all the laughter you see is so genuine. Thank you guys for stepping out of your comfort zone and spending a couple hours with me!

Eric Pritchard

I shot Eric on a chilly winter day in Ottawa. We had some strange looks from hikers, I suppose walking a trail in formal attire is a bit out of the ordinary. We set out to get some shots for his business - he hand crafts these beautiful bowties himself!

Torrie and Bob

My parents are always good sports when it comes to helping me grow my photography portfolio. These were taken on their beautiful country property in Ancaster. I mean, come on, look at these colours! It’s unreal. Emmy (their rescue Maremma Sheepdog) was a natural in front of the camera, and she’s just so photogenic.