Scotland - May 2016

Although I got married in 2014, we waited a couple of years to take our honeymoon (finishing up grad school was the priority!) We finally got to plan our trip for May 2016 - a road trip through England and Scotland, and it was nothing short of stunning! The landscapes are beyond incredible, the whole thing felt like a dream. Driving gave us the opportunity to see more of these beautiful countries and it was honestly the best trip I’ve ever taken. I couldn’t recommend Scotland more - if you ever have the opportunity, I highly suggest considering visiting the highlands.

Banff, Alberta - May 2016

In February of 2016 I set out on one of the sketchiest hikes I’ve ever been on - Johnston Canyon trail in Banff Alberta. The entire hike was just sheer ice, the trails were pretty much impossible to travel on and I spent most of the day grabbing onto trees along the sides of the trail. Despite that, it was stunningly beautiful and the photos just do not do it justice! If I ever get back there, I’ll be sure to bring spikes for my winter boots…

Santa Fe, New Mexico - December 2015

I travelled to New Mexico for work (honestly - mostly pleasure, a tiny bit of work). I didn’t know what to expect, all I’ve ever seen or heard about New Mexico comes from Breaking Bad, and I don’t think that’s a solid representation of the sort of trip I was taking. I was so pleasantly surprised with this state! It was cold (I went in December) which I wasn’t expecting, so I’m glad I checked the weather before I left, in order to pack appropriately (turns out bing 7000ft in elevation makes it a lot cooler.. huh!). The scenery here is just beautiful, and the sky was blue the entire time. I will definitely return some day!

Los Angeles, California - August 2015

I went to LA for a few days (the main purpose of the trip was to see Rush’s final concert), but the days were filled with doing as much as possible since I’m not out there often. Here’s a small collection of photos I took on my short but sweet trip to the west coast!